Are you running on the right track?


Our life is so very much related to the movies we watch in theaters (or by downloading through torrents). In the beginning of the Hindi Film ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’, Madhuri Dixit tells Shahrukh Khan that there is someone somewhere made for each one of us to spend the rest of our life with. God has already decided who is going to be our life partner but the responsibility of finding our soulmate is left to us. Sounds ridiculous but yes these were the movies we have grown up watching. There was a time when I used to believe that the same theory holds true for which profession we are going to enter. We all are born with certain skills and abilities which god has provided us. But the responsibility lies with us to find out where actually our interest lies and do we want to make our earning through that career option.

During our early school days, we used to have some substitute teachers coming to our class in case any of the subject teacher gets absent. The only responsibility of these substitutes were to somehow pass the 45 minute period without the students creating any kind of nuisance in the class. Then these substitutes used to make the kids do some random stuff such as making everyone go ‘head down’, asking each student to sing a song in the class or asking them about what they want to be in future. Then the kids used to come out with the most interesting professions in the world such as Rocket Scientist, Air Force Pilot, Astronaut, Karate Player and even the Prime Minister of India. It’s not that we had any interest or knowledge about these professions but simply because it sounded cool in front of the class. However, when the time came to opt for a career option after our 10th education, all our coolness goes into the basket and we are simply left to choose from three most common domains, namely Medical, Non-Medical & Commerce. After going through the hustle bustle of the competition exams, one gets admission in any of the ‘reputed’ colleges of the country (that is the tagline of every other college in India). If even after the completion of graduation one doesn’t get a job, then our education system has another escape route planned for those refugees which is called as ‘MBA’. The students who were struggling to solve the numerical related to thermodynamics some time ago starts practicing for creating a balance sheet and aiming for making the debit and credit entries equal to each other. Then at the end of the course comes some respite for a student when he/she somehow manages to get a job with a decent salary. But this is not where the story ends. Even after completing 25 years of your life and spending around 22 years from Kindergarten to Primary School to High School to Graduation to Post-Graduation, an individual is not able continue with the job for one basic reason; he/she doesn’t love his/her job.

What is the purpose of doing a job? The most common answer one may get is to earn money. Some may go a little deep and say to get financial stability for yourself and your family. But I am not able to understand one simple thing; why have we limited ourselves from earning money only through limited career options. Is having an engineering degree the only way to earn money? Is completing MBA the only way to earn money? I love listening to music and I think the best of the Indian music you get to listen is on Coke Studio. On the show, there are musicians and singers who create the most wonderful music in the world. Are they not earning money? There are young cricketers who are battling every single day to make their place in the Top 11 of the Indian Cricket Team. Are they not earning money? There are some professions including theater actor, dancers, DJ, performing artists & comedians whose only purpose is to provide entertainment to its audiences and spread happiness all around the world. Are they not earning money? Yes they do but I think the only difference between these and the ones with some degree is that they are earning by doing what they love to do.

Our education system is very complex and it can’t be changed over a fortnight. But definitely if a change has to be brought in ourselves then it has to be in our approach and the way we want to progress in our lives. India has always been a conservative society where you won’t see much of divorces taking place between married couples. We have been patting our backs with the fact that India is among those countries with the lowest divorce rate as compared to the western countries. But the truth is that we Indians have been taught to adjust with our partners no matter what problems you are facing in your marriage. The same theory is applicable when it comes to taking up a profession. If we realize somewhere that we have landed into a wrong profession, then all you have to do is somehow adjust with the profession as it is the only means for you to earn money at that moment. But don’t you feel that life is too short to adjust with something you are not comfortable with. Quitting something is considered to be an attribute of a loser but quitting to achieve something better is no less an attribute of a winner. There is popular saying in Hindi “Paisa haath ka maiil hai“. So why can’t you utilize that maiil aka ‘skill’ to do something you like to do; something you love to do.

So what if one day you realize that you have been running on a wrong track your entire life, Can’t you just switch the track ?

2 thoughts on “Are you running on the right track?

  1. Sundar likha hai 🙂
    Thoda gubaar bhi nikala hai 😉
    Achha laga dekhkar ki ek ek sentence lively hai iska. Meaning what you say is a priority in any form of expression and Surdy, you’ve been convincing about meaning your words. A double thumsup for drawing out the idea of “the right track” as you feel it!

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