Another day at office!


Disclaimer: The characters mentioned in the blog may appear to be fictitious, but they do bear resemblance to every other office going individual. So if while going through the blog you realize that there are few incidents that matches to your daily routine habits at your workplace, then trust me those incidents are not coincidental.

BEEP!! BEEP!! (Sound of punching in at the office gate)
Truly man it was like a photo finish today. Had there been a delay of few seconds more in the in-punch time, I would have lost out on my half day salary. A working professional can sacrifice on anything but will not allow to face any brunt on his salary. Anyways I feel there is a need to change my morning schedule. Or I should say the night schedule (Need to stop watching English TV series late night). But I can’t understand why it is important for the employees to reach office early morning at 9. No one will be starting their work  before 10. Some will be surfing through the internet for online shopping and some will be chit-chatting with their colleagues over a cup of coffee.
Well coffee reminds me that I have again skipped my breakfast today. Must go to the cafe to have something. After all it’s important to store some energy to survive the next eight and a half hours at work (Including the half an hour lunch which I will be stretching up to 1 hour).

We are working day and night to help the company earn so much revenue but in return what our company is doing for us? They can’t even provide decent food for its employees at the cafeteria. They feel they are doing a favor by providing a silly samosa in the menu. I will definitely raise this point in front of HR.
Anyways the boss is already here. Let me just switch on the system to pretend as if I am working on something important. Sometimes I doubt my boss might also feel that whenever he comes to my workstation, there is a Google page opened on my screen. He may wonder why this guy is always stuck at the Google page. Will have to be cautious for the next time. So lets just check the e-mails for the day.

OK…… No new e-mails…. Life is really harsh. You do all the hard work of sending the introductory mails to the prospects and don’t get even a single reply in return. I am already towards the end of the month and have just achieved 30% of the target. Need to find out a strong reason for the low sales this time as well. Last time I gave the excuse of the elections in Bengal that might have affected the industry. It’s not gonna work this time. The excuse has to be more solid than the previous one. Will have to make some cold calls for the day. So lets start start at 11.

I think now it’s the right time to make some calls as prospects might be available by now. So here I go…
9…8…4….5….5….1…3….5….2….1 and Dial….

Tring Tring…. Tring Tring…. HELLO !!”

Good Morning Sir! I am anonymous sales person calling from No. 1 Company Ltd. We are the leading manufacturers of all kinds of products and I just needed two minutes of your time to discuss with you….

BEEP!! BEEP!! (Comes the sound after phone gets disconnected)

HELLO….HELLO….Damn he disconnected the phone. I don’t know why the customers are so rude with the sales people. We are just doing our job. At least they can show some courtesy  by saying ‘I am a little busy. Can you please call back later?’

Mobile Ringing

Hey! Somebody is calling me. Could be any of the prospect to whom I mailed yesterday. Fingers Crossed.

Good Morning Sir. Is this the anonymous sales person?”
Yes Sir. How may I help you?
Sir I am another anonymous sales person calling from XXX Bank. We have launched a credit card scheme especially for your company employees…..”
Sir please do not call me in future. I am not interested.

What the Hell!! Are these people so idle that they will randomly call anyone and expect the person listen to them. Idiots!
Well I don’t feel that its the right time for making another call. Anyway it would be lunch time in half an hour. Will resume to work after lunch.
Let me ask those new trainees in the Finance department if they would like to join for lunch. Otherwise will have to ask some girl from the HR. After all I am not stupid to have lunch with the guys of the sales team. We get only half an hour in a day to interact with the employees of different departments. In fact I need to raise this point as well in front of HR that there needs to be more interaction across different departments in an organization. We should go out for lunch or watching a movie. This will lead to better team work and will eventually improve the productivity of the employees.
Gosshhh!!! I think so much for the company.

Oh god. The lunch got actually longer than expected. May be I shouldn’t have taken those trainees out for lunch. We got stuck in traffic and that kulfiwala was extremely slow in serving us the kulfis. Thank God the boss is in a meeting so he might have not noticed me missing from my workstation.
OK. Now that I had a pretty heavy lunch, its going to be a little difficult to survive the next one hour or so. (May be I could have avoided those Butter Naans). I will have to avoid getting dozed off at my workstation. I will definitely fall asleep if I continue doing work. Let me just surf through the internet to find out the reviews of the the recently released movies.



What’s that? Another Whats App message from a random person. I am sure this Whats App must have been invented by someone who didn’t have any work to do. And now its not letting the working people do their job at their office. Let me check who is this vellah person.
OMG!! It’s the old college girl on whom I had my second crush. She actually had a boyfriend in college who used to spend 14 out of 24 hours at gym. Why would she message me after so many months. Let’s find out. Spending some time chatting with her won’t affect my work.

OH DAMN! The boss is coming this side. I will make this date program with my second crush on Whats App later on. Now I need to lock my phone and start working on the system….
Oh No! The computer screen is showing the movie review of FAN. Need to close the screen and open Google Page and….

“So What’s Happening??” (Comes a voice from behind with a pat on the back)
Nothing Sir. Was searching for some new customers in the nearby area. I really want to cross the target this time and achieve more than what is expected of me.
“Good. Good. Send me a report of the customers you have contacted. OK?”
Sure Sir.
“Good Luck!”

Damn this person is always after my life. Thank god he’s gone for now. It’s already 4 and I don’t think any customer would be available on phone at this time. Will start early tomorrow morning and send the report to boss. The customers might be having tea at this time. I should also relax myself in the Cafe. Let me ask the trainees again if they would like to join.

Damn. It was a really a hectic day today. Lots of work done and still its pending for tomorrow. I think I need to raise this point as well in front of HR as too much work leads to over stressing for the employees.
For now it will be 5.30 in 2 minutes. I will punch out and rush my way to home and will go straight to the bed.
Tring!! Tring!!
Now who is this? My flatmate. May be he again get locked himself in the bathroom. Poor Fellow.

“Hi. Actually we were planning to go for booze tonight? Would you like to join us?”
Sure. Why not. It’s been a long time we have partied together. See you in 15 minutes.

Time to say Good Bye for today. Would love to say Good Bye forever to this place. Simply waiting for the appraisal this year. Once that would be done, it will be a full and final SAYONARA. For now, will have to survive 2 more days before the weekend comes.


BEEP!! BEEP!! (Sound of punching out at the gate)

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