The Virtual Side


Whenever an individual enter this world as a new born baby, he is pampered and provided with all the basic facilities by his parents in order to survive on this planet. Everything appears to be pleasant and life appears to be easy.  But then comes a time when the individual after a certain age is supposed to face the harsh realities of the real world. A time when the individual is burdened with his own aspirations and the expectations of the society in order to make his own mark. A time when the individual identifies that rather than earning your place its more important in the real world to snatch your place from others. A time when the individual realize that life is much more than the three basic needs: food, clothing & shelter. No one gets what he wants in life easily and there will always be challenges thrown up to him. There will always be some moments of success and few moments of failure. Seriously man, Life is Tough!

In such a tough life, we look out for moments of happiness which can distract us from the negativity we are facing all around us. So that we can keep our heads high whenever someone tries to suppress us with his power. So that everyday we look at the mirror and say it to our self “Man! You are Unstoppable. Nobody on this planet can beat you.” The problem is that we cannot depend on humans to provide us the motivational support we are looking for because it won’t last for too long. Everybody is so busy (or I should say troubled) with their own life that they won’t bother to show interest in what’s going on in your life. There is a famous quote by some anonymous person (Google didn’t help me much in finding the name of the person who quoted this) which says “In the end, the only person who can help you is yourself.” But we often get confused by our own inner voices as they are conflicting each other most of the time. So in this case, who is going to help us ?

 In today’s world, technology is growing and spreading like a virus into our lives every single day and it is changing our everyday work habits. But I doubt if anyone is realizing this or not that technology is also changing the way we used to think, behave or act. Social Media is one such tool which has been imbibing in the human psychology for some time and is changing it to a vast extent. It has almost become as a route for individuals to escape from the real world. The definition of ‘Being Social’ in the present scenario is changed to the number of connections you have, number of friends you have & number of people following you. Rather than worrying about their job profiles, people have become busy in updating their social media profiles. Our precious and important moments of life such as graduating from college, getting first job and even the announcement of getting engaged to getting married (If something unexpected don’t happen in the middle) are first registered on the social media timelines the moment they happen in real life. Even the tiniest of moments of watching a movie, having dinner with family in a restaurant or taking a flight abroad have to be exposed in front of the world (As if anyone care). We have almost created some virtual personality of ourselves who live life king size, work hard & party even harder. And how can we forget the newly trending terminology “Selfie” which has become the certified method to take a new profile picture. The person in the DP always appear to be confident, stylish, smart, tough & ambitious (If I take into account the captions added along with the DP). The tagline of every other social media company is to make people “Stay Connected” but I don’t think that  a human being has become any less isolated in today’s age than before. So much isolated that we have to depend on our virtual side to provide us the strength and support that we are looking for in our daily life.

Why is it that each and every moment of our life has to be etched on social media? Is it our way to pretend that we are living an extraordinary life? Is it to convey a message to the people around you that you are enjoying your life more than others? Or is it to console yourself “Don’t worry man. Everything is going smooth & fine.” It is almost like everyone is suffering from a split personality disorder where one side of personality has to face the everyday struggles and is constantly asking himself questions related to his future where as for the virtual side, everything is cool; everything is awesome; everything is fantastic.


The importance of social media may be different according to different people. For some, it may be a kind of scrapbook where they can cherish their old memories. For some, it may be to peek in what is going on others life (As if how that old school guy aka nerd can get married to such a beautiful girl). For some, it may be to send friend request to random girls by looking at their DP and even sending them message desperately “Please Add Me!” (Even though those girls don’t exist in real life). As long as it is for fun, there won’t be any harm but it should not overpower on who you are on the real side. The definition of self belief remains to be looking at the mirror and saying ‘Yes you can do this’ rather than creating a set of DPs. Lets not take the support of the virtual world to make us believe in our strengths and emotions. After all, happiness is not something that can be measured in the number of ‘Likes’ or ‘Comments’.

P.S.: I am not putting a blame to social media but simply throwing light on how we perceive social media in our lives. Social Media is definitely a blessing in disguise for all us and its awesomeness can be proved by the fact that despite of writing all this, I needed the help of Social Media in order to ‘Share’ it with you all.

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