A Lost Friend


When I was a kid, I had a friend who lived in my neighborhood. At that age, the only definition of being friend with someone was that you both be around the same age and you get to play with each other toys. Our mothers were also good friends which made us spend more time with each other. Whenever our mothers went for shopping, they used to leave us in either of their house where we both used to have the best of our time. We used to exchange our toy kits, go for cycling together and share candies & chocolates with each other. And obviously not to forget the time both of us spent playing ‘Ludo‘ & ‘Saanp Seedhi‘. The only expectation that we had from this friendship was that we have fun to the fullest without following any rules or restrictions. However, things didn’t last for too long as he had to shift to some other place along with his parents. Before bidding good bye, he and his mother came to my house. Our mothers kept on telling us to say good bye to each other but both of us hesitated as we didn’t knew how to express our emotions and what is the feeling of separation. Our friendship only meant to enjoy each others company and that’s what we did all this time. I never saw or heard anything about him again. As I grew up I became busy with my school studies and made some new friends. But the time I spent along with him is still an unforgettable one. Even at present sometimes I search about him on social media but he isn’t found anywhere. May be because I am not able to recall his complete name as I used to call him by his nick name. Yes I made many friends in my life but my childhood will remain special because his presence was there.

I also had a friend in school who used to be my bench partner. Though his house was far away from mine but I always had fun being around in his company in school. Our friendship had a hell lot of ups & downs and the ‘Abbi Katti‘ relationship carried on all this time. If in Hindi period we had a fight because I had misplaced his pen then things used to get fine in the English period because we could not avoid chatting with each other for  a long time. We celebrated the punishments  with our hands raised in front of the class. We consoled each other when one of us got lesser marks in the class test. We helped each other complete our homework by providing our notebooks to take home. We also played those silent Tic Tac Toe games on the back of the notebook under the bench so as to avoid the attention of the teacher during the class. On the whole, we travelled the journey from being kids to the adolescent stage, from wearing nickers to full pants and from sharpening our pencils to changing our pen’s refill. But then came a time when we had to opt for a specialization after our 10th Boards. He opted for commerce & I went for Non-Medical. Again I got busy with my new pool of friends and the competitive exams during which I started losing the connect with him. The daily conversations that we used to have started becoming occasional such as on birthdays, Diwali and New Year. As I got drowned in the the college life, I completely lost connect with him and now he is just another friend for me on Facebook. At times, I want to message him but then arises a doubt if he would want to talk to me. The friendship that stayed strong for around 10 years of school life vanished in small period of time. Sometimes I wonder whose mistake it was but then also comes a realization if I could have valued this friendship more. Yes I made many friends in my life but my school life will always remain special because of his presence was there.

In college, I made a lot of friends but there was one who always stayed close to my heart. I met him on the first day of college with a small introduction but never knew that this friendship will make my college days to remember for lifetime. The talks that started with being gentle, sweet and respectful got immersed in the true colors of college friendship where we never used to call each others name without abusing. The bunking of classes and sitting in college canteen for long hours was actually worth the time. Staying in each others hostel rooms playing Counter Strike & Fifa the entire night and then waking up in the morning and rushing late to the class almost became like a daily routine with him. We used to share movies with each other in hard disks along with the stuff that should not be mentioned (also need not to be mentioned). We helped each other in giving advice to each other regarding making a girlfriend. We worked hard to prepare the chits a day before the exam and made sure that we stick to our words on the day of exam. Even we celebrated when we both failed in the same subject as we would have to appear again for the exam together. We also had some long discussions about what we want to pursue in our career. Even if we were not sure about our self but what we made sure that we give the best advice to each other. I still remember during my campus placement process, he was the one who was beside me all the time to calm me down and continuously motivated me before the interview. And the moment the result was announced about me getting selected, the loud cheer and the tight hug he gave is still afresh in my memories. It was his sheer presence that increased the value and importance of my success. At the college farewell, we danced like hell and relived those wonderful moments that we have spent in our college days and we bid farewell to each other hoping for each others success in life and with a promise of staying in touch. However, with the fast and running everyday life of job, that promise started to fade away. We tried making some weekend plans to meet for lunch or movie but those never turned out because of the busy schedule of both of us. With the time passing by, the strength of the connection we had started shaking and now is the time where I hesitate to even message him. I see his check-ins on Facebook with his office colleagues but I don’t see myself anywhere around him. I wish if I could have done something more to allow this friendship to stay for longer but then I also have to admit that nobody can be blamed for this. Yes I made many friends in my life but my college days will remain special because his presence was there.

We are born with some relations in our family including mother, father, brother and sister but it is during the journey of life where we develop this wonderful relation of friends. This relationship is developed just by chance or because it is destined to happen. It may start off with a small encounter but what drives it forward includes emotions, likes & dislikes, area of interest and related other terms. We all have selfish intention of making friends because we want to expand our network and do not want to isolate ourselves in this huge world. We need someone during every phase of life with whom we can share our feelings or emotions which cannot be shared with the family. It is the credibility that strengthens the roots of a friendship that allows one to trust somebody and share moments of laughter, sadness, anger & frustration. However the longevity of a friendship is difficult to guarantee and it is something that can be missed out during any walk of life without any kind of intention. But no one can deny the fact that the time we have spent with our friends are actually the pillars on which our entire life is standing upon. It were those interactions and moments that allowed us to learn about people and their behavior. Friends may not stay with you for lifetime but they will always hold a special memory in your life which is irreplaceable.

Through this blog, I thank all my friends for coming to my life and making me today what I am. My family taught me what I need to do in life but it were you all who taught me how it should be done. I may appear somewhere lost to you but I know that I also have a special place in your memories. In the end, all I can say is no matter what happens in life, whether near or far, you all will stay my friends forever.

Yours Truly
A Lost Friend

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