The Transition

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It almost seems like yesterday when I got the news of getting my first job while appearing for placement process in college. It was the 11th company that I was applying for after getting rejected from straight 10 companies. In some processes, I got stuck in the first round itself in the written test. In some after clearing the written test, I didn’t had any clue about the topic that was given in the Group discussion. And in some, I was not considered to be the most suitable candidate among the entire short listed students after the final interview round. That phase in college actually tests your character regarding how much patience you can show when all your friends are getting placed and you are still struggling to find a job for yourself.However, that day did came and it can be actually labelled as one of the best day of my life so far. After going through a multiple elimination rounds, I was finally having a selection letter in my hand. I still remember the loud shout I got from my friends after hearing this news after which the white shirt that I was wearing that day was filled with congratulatory messages all over. It was such an emotional moment that I was in tears while giving away this news to my family. I had a lot of sleepless nights before when I was unplaced but this time I was not able to sleep that night because of the excitement that was bouncing inside me. The burden of not getting a job that I held for so many days was finally lifted off my shoulders and what a wonderful relief it gave to me. However, at that time I was just living and enjoying that moment but what I was not aware of was about what’s coming in the future and the change that was waiting for to enter my life.

When you leave your college, you are left with some mixed emotions in your mind because somewhere you start getting the signal that life won’t be the same from now on. But there is also a level of excitement as you would become an earning member of the family and won’t have to depend on your parents anymore for monthly pocket money and thus can lead an independent life. And then comes a series of Facebook status and check-ins of ‘Started Working at so & so’, ‘First Salary in account’, ‘First Field Visit’ & ‘First Client Meet’. There is a celebration of each and every task you handle at work because you start feeling a sense of responsibility but slowly that celebration starts to fade away when deliverability comes into the picture. Till the time you live your student life, you live by your own rules without the fear of anyone. Be it the completion of assignments, preparing presentations or appearing for exams, the outcome of these were only affecting your performance. Yes you had peer pressure but somewhere you also had the confidence in yourself that you will mange to get through all this. But when you start working, you are actually renting your life to an organization on monthly basis for which you will be provided a somewhat fixed amount at the end of each month but in return you will have to provide your services for which you are being hired. That is where accountability comes into the picture and all the tasks that you were publishing on social media in the initial days suddenly makes you feel the burden and pressure of achieving the results that your boss desires. Someday you may realize that you are actually leading a life that has been programmed by a company just because it is paying you a fixed amount every month.

Life is actually very much different or lets say more exciting when you are a student. There are a lot of activities that are a part of the daily routine of a student which he/she will never get bored of. Waking up late and reaching the class just a minute before the teacher enters is a skill that every student is born with. I wish if staying awake throughout the entire lecture was another skill that a student could acquire. A student can chat all night with his group of friends in a hostel and still never run out of topic. Every other semester you come across a face in which you develop a new crush and wonder where the hell this face was hidden in college all this time. Gossips used to fly around the college every single minute but still nobody actually cared about what others are saying about them. You live your life with your own freedom but the only limitation of this freedom is that it it is being financed by your parents. That is where getting a job after college becomes even more crucial because you want to get out of the financial umbrella that was handled by your parents so far. There are trade-offs that occurs across every phase of life but when you get a job, the trade off takes place between your freedom and the finance you require to lead your life.

There is a strange transition that takes place when you move from college to job. Suddenly the society wants you to come out of your care free life and start becoming a responsible person. All your life you used to feel satisfied and elated after getting 75% in exams after which you were able to take a sigh of relief for the next three months for exams but now even after you achieve your monthly targets, the scope of happiness is too little because you are aware that anyway the targets are going to increase for next month for which again you have to go through the stress and pressure you managed to escape the previous month. At the same time, the pressure rises on your personal life as well with managing your spending and aiming for saving for your own future. This transition phase can be considered to be one of the toughest phase of life for humans but still no one can deny the fact that if one manages to get hold of this phase quickly, there won’t be anything going to stop him/her in future.

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