An Incomplete Resolution


English is really a strange language. Since childhood I have been trying to learn this language but have never been able to master it. The biggest problem of this language that I consider is its never ending vocabulary. It seems that every year the Britishers and Americans are adding certain new words in the Dictionary to make this language tougher and even more confusing.The purpose of any language is to convey a message from one person to another in the most easiest way. But somewhere I believe language (especially the English one in particular) has become a weapon for people to use it in such a way with a heavy dose of words that the other person doesn’t dare to raise any question after that. Though considering the high level of importance given to English in our education and employment system, this language has almost become a top most tool to achieve success in life. I remember I used to carry a Dictionary in school but never really bothered to open it despite of continuous blasting by my English teacher in the class. Thankfully now we have Google with the help of which we don’t have to flip a bundle of pages of a Dictionary to find the meaning of a word with the help of a magnifying glass. Even today I try to add certain new words in my vocabulary so that I can make my English skills better. But recently while recalling all the words in my vocabulary, I realized that there is one word that I have completely missed out and forgotten to use in my daily language. Probably I have also forgotten the relevance of this word in my today’s life as compared to its high usage that I used to do when I was a kid. Now before you start scratching your head to recall that word, let me make it easier for you. That word is ‘Promise‘.

Some may find it funny and some may find it weird but seriously I don’t remember the last time I used this word while talking to anyone. Even in today’s fast paced texting world, this word has lost its place in our daily communication. However, I have very sweet memories of childhood about the usage of this word. When I wanted to borrow a notebook from my class friend for completing an assignment, I assured him with a promise of returning it tomorrow. Whenever my parents received a complaint from my class teacher about me misbehaving in the class, I used to promise them about not repeating the same again. I used to promise to my colony friends while playing cricket about sticking to the rules defined earlier. I used to promise my college friends about reaching for the movie show 15 minutes in advance but always arrived after 30 minutes of commercial and 15 minutes of movie has passed. Let me admit that none of these promises were kept at first place but it was always fun to use it for giving a verbal commitment to others. But after a certain point of time I started to doubt the significance of this word. After giving a serious thought, I realized that it is just a method of making the other person listen to what he is expecting. And its not only that we make these promises to the people around but also display this high degree of convincing power to our self.

We are moving towards the end of the year. This is that time of the year when we eagerly wait for the next year to come and also look back to the happenings of that particular year. We cherish the happy moments that took place and also recall those moments that we do not want to witness again in our life. There were certain things that we did right and there were several things that we could have done in the right way. After regaining all those memories comes a time to make a promise to one self in the form of a resolution to rectify certain habits, make changes to some daily routines and hoping for a better coming year. I don’t know how many of us live up to those resolutions but again next year during the same time frame, the list gets renewed with some additions, few items removed and many items intact. This activity continues year after year.

There are so many promises that we make or break but there are certain promises that happen during each walk of life without any verbal agreement. When a child is born, his parents promise him of providing him with the best possible environment to nurture his skills and talent for his bright future. When a child goes to school, he is making a promise to himself and his parents to work hard and make sure to never let them down. When two individuals marry each other, they are making a promise to hold their hands for lifetime no matter what circumstances come in their life. When a person starts working, he promises to fulfill the daily needs of his family. And most importantly throughout each walk of life, a person makes this promise to himself of living his life to the fullest without compromising on his own happiness. There are times when each of these promises that a person makes start clashing with each other but the ultimate decision is left to him to prioritize which one he wants to keep and which one he is willing to break.

As the clock is ticking and the world is waiting to celebrate a new year, I am just recalling the accomplished tasks of this year and the one that remained unaccomplished this year but hopefully will be completed in the coming year. There are certain things that others are expecting of me and there are a lot more things that I am expecting of myself. I am still not making use of the word promise in my daily communication but it still remains a vital component of my relationship with the people around me and all my life experiences. I am still not sure how many promises I will be able to keep next year. All I can hope is that tomorrow be better than today for one and all.

Also I am hoping that probably next year I can master the English language as this is one thing that I am trying since 1991.

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