The Last Few Minutes


Amongst many others, I am also a huge fan of social media. I believe that the biggest power of social media lies in the fact that it helps you keep a track of all those activities you have performed over it in the past. Thanks to the ‘Memories’ feature on Facebook, every morning Facebook itself sends you a notification about your past activity happened on  that particular day that would undoubtedly be so embarrassing for you making you ask this question to yourself what were you actually smoking while sharing that idiotic stuff.Even today I get memories update of some random shayaris I shared few years ago that were copied from another website just to get some likes. The next best step after getting that notification is to delete that particular post in order to erase every single trace of our idiot-ism on social media even if it was a few years ago. (Kya pata wo dekh ke andar ka idiot phir se na jaag jaye). It is quite easy to delete an activity on Facebook but I wish if that feature would have been available in our life as well that would have allowed us to remove or delete our past actions. Mind it I have used the word ‘action’ and not ‘mistake’. Because we never intend to commit a mistake, we only take an action. It is the society that qualify our action and term it into either a successful decision or a mistake.

The other day I was trying to make a list of all the life changing actions I have performed in my life. It was a kind of self awareness exercise so that I can evaluate my decision taking ability. Unfortunately I could not go beyond writing the title ‘Self-made Decisions‘ and the serial number one. I am sure there will be many others like me who would struggle to perform this activity. It is not that this category of people are scared to take actions but we rather take pride in what is being said in common language ‘Going with the flow‘. But I am sure that there will be a lot others who might have spent a lot of sleepless nights thinking about a decision that may impact them and the people around. For example, quitting a well paid job to work in a start-up, dropping out of college to participate in a dance reality show or even proposing to girl you love for marriage. These are the thoughts if converted into actions may result into life changing decisions for an individual. The things could either go well for you or could not turn out to be as expected. But I am sure that even those have failed in an endeavor might get a sense of satisfaction for at least making an effort to come out of their comfort zone. But unfortunately in our society, success is measured only in monetary terms and not by the level of satisfaction and happiness. I really wish if there would have been an instrument to measure these behaviors as well.

What I really wonder is that what are those things that goes into the mind of an individual just when he is about to take an action on a decision for himself. The person has already come up and worked upon a thought and has frozen the idea about what he is going to do but the thoughts that play into  the mind in those last few minutes before presenting the idea to the so-called stakeholders play a crucial role in the process. The one who is going to quit his job might just once again think about the after effects of his decision on his wife and kids. The one who wants to drop out of college might just think of letting this semester go and probably give a shot to the reality show participation after graduation. The one who is going to propose his current girlfriend for marriage might just want to relive his bachelorhood days and reconsider the possibility of spending the rest of his life with that particular girl. It may happen that the decision has already been taken in mind of an individual but those last few minutes may deter the person from taking an action on it and procrastinate it to some other day, month or year.

Sometimes I wonder that it is not the outcome of the action that haunt us from arriving to a conclusion but the ‘Log Kya Kahenge‘ factor that builds the Great China Wall kind of thing between us and our aspirations. It would be quite interesting to ask an individual how he actually felt when he overcame his inner inhibitions and went through those last few minutes of hesitation till he was able to take the action he desired for. Sometimes going with the flow is not the solution otherwise we still would have considered planet earth to be flat rather than round & India would still have been under British Government. It was the result of the action taken by someone that led to this change. No decision is good or bad but it is the effort that goes into taking an action on the decision and converting it into success that actually qualifies a decision in an accurate manner. A few months ago when the demonetization move was announced in India, almost entire country was appearing to be supporting the move. But as the days progressed and the loopholes in the move started to appear, the support to the move by the people began to shake in a considerable manner questioning the validity of the decision. That instance made me come to the conclusion that we have the capability to challenge the decision taken by even the educated and qualified representatives and officials of the government. Those people are actually getting paid for taking decisions for the betterment of the country and if they are declared to be a failure on a decision, then I am just an unpaid volunteer who wants to take decisions of my life. I believe that this much authority we all can give to ourselves. If this ideology gets imbibed in our approach, I am of the opinion that those last few minutes will never haunt us again.

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