The Villain

1528281In every story, there is a Hero, there is a girl whom the Hero loves, there is a sidekick who provides his support to the Hero and then there is a Villain who creates multiple hurdles for the Hero to cross before having a final showdown with him. Still it is believed that the stronger the villain is in the story, more intense the fight becomes between him & the Hero thereby framing a cult story to be recalled for ages to come. This may sound like an old cliche Bollywood film which according to us may not have any relation to the real world. Though unknowingly, our life does manages to steal some elements from movies and incorporate those in reality. In fact it won’t be wrong to state that life is actually a combination of multiple classic masala movies that gets played across different walks of life. And across each phase of life, one gets to face different challenges or hurdles (a new Villain for each phase) before reaching his ultimate goal. The tougher the challenges occur, the sweeter becomes the taste of success after overcoming those. Sometimes I wonder why is it that whatever path we take, whichever direction we decide to go ahead with, whatsoever goal we set in our life; there is a problem or hurdle (most of the time multiple in number) already waiting for us in the midway asking to be crushed before reaching our final destination. Why is it that there is always a Villain behaving as an obstacle blocking us to reach our goal ??

Recently I have developed a huge interest in Hollywood superhero movies especially the Marvel cinematic universe. In it, there are multiple superheroes having their own special abilities and fighting villains in each of their origin stories, and when they come together as a group (Avengers), they fight to defeat the most ultimate powerful super villain by collaborating their super powers. In all the movies that I have seen so far, there were two dialogues stated in these movies that left a deep impression on my mind and got stuck to my memory which I would like to quote.

  1. Our very strength invites challenge; Challenge incites conflict; and Conflict breeds catastrophe.” (Captain America: Civil War)
  2. We create our own demons.” (Iron Man 3)

These may be just regular dialogues of a movie trying create an impression among its audience. But somewhere I wondered does these hold any form of truth. Is there any reality quotient involved in it. It could be unintentional, but are we the one who should be held responsible for creating our own Villains in our life.

The primary definition of a Villain is the one who acts as a primary destructor and plays a negative role in the life of someone else. So it doesn’t sound generic that a person would dig a well or build a trap for himself to fall into. But let me ask present a few questions to debate on this topic. Have you ever come across a scenario where you felt that taking a particular decision for yourself would lead you to face undesired consequences. Chances are in majority that opting for a particular path would lead you to a path of self destruction. You may have loved someone which might never have been destined to be yours but still you were unable to get over that person leaving a little portion of your life hollow. You may have quit your well settled job to start something on your own which probably might have led you to something further below your expectations. You may have set up a bigger dream for your life for which you had to take an unexpected turn knowing there won’t be coming back and ultimately you reached nothing close to your destination; leave aside the possibility of coming back to your point of initiation. You might have known that there is a ninety percent chance of failure in going ahead with your decision but still you back yourself with the ten percent possibility of success. There could be some things not written in your destiny but still you go all around it even with a possibility of ruining your life completely. All of these are life experiences which one may come across during different phases but still what is that thing that leads you to act in a self-destructive manner. Why do you become the main Villain of your own life.

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Aspirations, dreams, fantasies, hope, desire, urge, expectation, ambitions and so on are the possible words which might sound to be positive in nature but application of these in real life may have its own set of repercussions. The intention behind following these and going by your instincts could be something that would be difficult for you to justify to the world. In fact the world may even blame you for your present condition, accuse you for involving yourself in certain life complications you were not prepared for and also go on to predict the darkness in your future. It could be saddening that despite of following all the good books and having a positive attitude, you don’t end up achieving the desired results and could even be labelled as a bad example.

So what should one do in such a kind of situation. I tried a lot but was unable to conclude this blog, hence leaving it open ended. Should a person always play on a safe side fearing the occurrence of negative consequences. Should a person stay within his comfort zone and never make an effort to go out-of-the-box. Should a person not try to be aspirational or follow his heart. Should a person simply feel satisfied with his current position and avoid having a desire for something better. Should a person not dare to follow his dreams and set high ambitions for himself in life.  Despite of being aware all of it could lead to self destruction, should a person not try to be ‘The Villain’ of his own life.

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