It’s always been the ‘Numbers Game’

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It’s currently that month of the year when people belonging to a certain age group starts to feel the heat apart from the heat of summer. Their finger nails get shortened because of continuous biting out of nervousness, their legs shake continuously without any manipulation and their heart continues to do its job but at an extremely faster pace. At that age for any person, this particular moment feels like it could act as a major building block in order to achieve success in life. It’s nothing else but the time when the board results are announced.Board results are something that actually depicts life in the most perfect manner. It shows that occurrence of one event could bring happiness to several faces while taking away the smiles from others at the same time.

I remember the time very well when my board results were announced. As soon as the results were declared, the first thing I did was entering my roll number on the website to see how much I have scored. After checking my result, the next thing I did was to play along with the roll number by changing its last digits to see how my fellow classmates have fared. And then began the period where telephone operators gained their maximum revenue. That was the time when landline still had its relevance and on that particular day it became the most important object of the house. From relatives to neighbors to close friends to not-so-close friends, everyone starts getting involved in the ‘Numbers Game’. For those who did a decent job in exams, they go for a treat with their family & friends and those who don’t, next few weeks for them become no less than a nightmare. Possibly the new cycle that was being planned for purchase for a while gets deferred for few more months. Their would be some weird change in the behavior of parents towards their children. Not to forget the trademark line, “Pehle mehnat ki nahi… Sara time TV pe chipka raha… Connection katva denge is baar”. TV was the one who used to face the brunt during my times. Today parents have found a new culprit in Mobile phone.

This time, however, apart from the results declared, there was something else as well which caught a lot of attention. Since we are currently living in the age of social media, lots of celebrities and influencers came up with their opinion of how marks are not something that define an individual abilities and how a person’s talent is much more than the numbers he has achieved in exams. These opinions do sound motivational and may act as a healing agent for those who are facing the wrath of scoring low. But I found a definite flaw in these opinions as these do not cover the entire picture. Believe it or not, but numbers do give a sense of accomplishment whenever somebody takes a test or an exam. Remember the time when you got 10 on 10 in a Maths test in school and the feeling of being delightful you had afterwards that you could not resist yourself from showing off your perfect score to your classmates, parents and at your tuitions. Whenever results are announced, news channels are flooded with interviews with toppers of different boards & streams. If scoring high is considered to be such a huge achievement, then what is it that has given rise to the debate of the relevance of marks & numbers in judging a person’s talent?

Numbers, since many ages, have been an indicator to justify capabilities of human and quantify his level of achievement. Whichever profession an individual may enter, numbers continue to remain attached to his work in order to measure his success. A businessman is defined by the revenue his company generates. A cricketer is defined by the number of runs he has scored for his team. A film star is defined by the box office collection of his movies. If the phrase “Numbers don’t define you” would hold true then the following instances might also need to find its relevance:

  1. A sales person should not defined by his monthly sale figures.
  2. A Youtube artist should not defined by the total views he gets on his videos.
  3. An athlete should not defined by the rank he gets in a race.
  4. No individual should be defined by his bank balance.

Unfortunately in a practical world,  application of these thoughts would be a little difficult to make its way.

Now that there have been a few days since the results have been announced, the hangover of scoring well and the depression of not scoring well might have gone away for the students. The next challenge for them would be to find the right stream and get a good rank to get admission in the top colleges. Afterwards, the mission would be to get a good salary job and further aim for a good rating to earn the rewards in the form of promotion and incentives. Life will continue to come up with its challenges but numbers would stick to you like a glue to measure how well you are actually doing. There is definitely a lot of stress among people nowadays for whom quotes like “Numbers don’t matter” may act as a words of wisdom, but it would never be possible to escape from the conditioning of the real world. Anyways because of the increasing tension among individuals, there has been a significant rise in the number of motivational speakers and bloggers who share such out-of-the-box opinion. But I don’t think anyone would disagree to the fact what I have mentioned at the top of the post that in reality “It’s always been the Numbers Game.”

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