A Baby’s Confidence

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It is being popularly said that even if you are able to acquire every single element in the world during the course of your life, still the human tendency is such that your desire to achieve more would never be able to settle down. There are so many things in life that we want to be a part of and a lot of things that we want to achieve but unfortunately never able to do so all this while. There can be several reasons that can be attributed to identify the cause of this failure such as lack of preparation, not having the required skill set, financial issues or what some may call in popular language as ‘the luck factor’. But one of major reason that can be considered for not allowing an individual to reach out to fulfill his ambitions is the inability of the person to make an initial effort at first place. It can be clearly stated that one certainly cannot reach the finishing line without taking part in the race and that too because of the fear of failure. Probably initial reluctance and hesitation of a person to start off something new because of the ‘ifs and buts’ of the outcome might have killed more dreams than anything else in this giant universe. One does get a lot of (unasked) advice from the people around regarding what needs to be done in life to be successful and not to indulge certain activities just because of the involvement of high level of risk in it. Well sometimes I desperately feel the need to tell these people that their entry to this planet was also the result of a risky partnership between two individuals (definitely of opposite sex). 

Science and technology has gone up to extremely advanced levels but unfortunately it has not been able to estimate the level of risk involved in the regular decisions that humans take up in their life. Unfortunately the chapters of Mathematics that we studied in school such as Probability and Permutations & Combinations have not been utilized to its full potential apart from identifying which number would appear on the dice and which card would drawn from the deck. I believe that the highest form of risk is taken generally at the school level when after 10th boards, one has to opt for a specialization from Science, Commerce & Humanities. This is a point in life which to a certain level would decide what career path one would be taking for the rest of his life. But for me this decision was taken in a few moments and there would be many more like me. Definitely not the best of examples, but when one of the most important decisions in life involving a certain degree of risk can be taken with little trouble then why is it that we tend to run away from other life situations just because it appears to be risky from off. The problem that I am trying to convey over here is that probably uncertainties are something that are in a way wrapped around in each of ours life decisions. We are surrounded by negative energies all the time that restrict us to take up new challenges in life so that we remain on the safer side. There are so many wonderful things in the world waiting to be explored but here we are who have uncovered solace in our self defined comfort zones.

It’s not that an individual is born with these traits of staying controlled and indecisive. I rather feel that these attributes are something that get imposed on an individual during his process of growing up to be an adult. And I got this realization when I visited a Gurudwara near my home after returning from office last week. Please not to be mistaken; I won’t be discussing about any spiritual element here that led me to this realization. I sat down inside the hall along with other devotees when I noticed a woman with her one year old baby sitting opposite to me at the other end of the hall. As we might have observed, kids generally consider temples and gurudwaras to be a nice playing field quite opposite to the general discipline of these sacred places. Despite of the mother’s repeated attempts, the baby hardly wanted to occupy his place in his mother’s lap as he was rather enjoying crawling around the open space to explore different stuffs inside the hall; be it the flowers, the golak and even the large bowl having the prasad. The baby also crawled around the other devotees in the hall, passed them his cute smile and then moved on. I am sure most of us must have behaved in a similar way during our infant stage. Because this is probably the frame of mind babies generally have. As they have newly entered into this world, there is an inner desire inside them to uncover new territories and identify new elements around them. They probably know that their mother’s lap is the safest place to be but still they do not want to miss out on any opportunity to explore new avenues around them. They don’t shy away from meeting and interacting with new faces around them because they probably are aware of this hack of greeting with a smile phenomena. It is understandable that their energy levels are something that needs to be controlled and guided in a way to avoid them falling into any kind of trouble. But I seriously doubt that this process is probably also leading into diminishing their confidence when they grow up.

Many successful people have quoted in their biographies that the true recipe to be successful in life is to build up the right attitude for yourself. I have been really confused regarding what actually defines the true form of right attitude. But after what I observed in the Gurudwara last week, I feel if I can possibly go back to the old times and bring back that attitude in myself when I was a baby. A baby who is stubborn enough to find out answers to his questions himself. A baby who is not afraid to try out new territories around him because he considers it to be fun. A baby who is not bound by terms such impossible, rejection, failure or risky. A baby who is not scared to face new people around him and care about their reactions. If I get an opportunity by the all mighty to get my one wish granted, I would truly ask him if I can have the level of confidence similar to that of a baby.

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