My Search to a Solution


It was placed right there in front of me all this time but I never cared to give a piece of my mind towards it because I was living under my own assumptions that this particular solution won’t solve any purpose in the problem I am dealing with.

Life is nothing less than a complex trigonometric equation. The right hand side might just be a single digit number but to achieve that you have to go through some deadly combinations of sine, cosine, tangent and others (Possibly Maths lovers would be better able to understand this reference). Since childhood, life throws numerous problems to us from time to time. Few we are able to solve instantaneously while several problems take their own time to be resolved. As we grow up, the size of the problems coming towards us also tend to go bigger. But somehow sooner or later we manage to dig out a solution for the same. Looking back in time, I often realize that there isn’t any problem in life that remains unsolved. There is an answer to every query of life. While doing so I also wonder that there were several instances when I thought that this couldn’t get any worse than this. But still I managed to surpass that phase to come across a situation that was even worse than earlier.

Every time I felt like giving up and was almost on the verge to do so but eventually things actually went back to normal (even though for a short while). I went on to do a little self analysis regarding my responsiveness to different life issues. What did I actually do on my initial encounter with any problem? Did I panic or did I stay calm? Was I comfortable facing a problem or was I becoming restless? Did I have the right approach to find the solution or not? Did I seek anybody’s help or tackled it on my own? Did I cry hiding my face in the pillow or curse my destiny for having this problem occur in my life? As these questions were pondering over my mind, I realized that possibly the biggest problem in my life is to bring the courage to face a problem and staying firm to find a solution for it. Hence, it was never about the problem. Also it was not about the solution. It was all about my search for the appropriate solution.

In school, whenever we answered a question in an exam, we were able to do so because we have solved similar problems during our class sessions and practice tests. It was our continuous practice that allowed us to have that confidence to attempt the question even though if it appears with slight changes in the question paper. Life is also designed in a similar way where we are able to handle a situation on the basis of our behavior in similar past experiences. Our past experiences acts a backbone for us to stay upright no matter whatever hurdles we come across during our journey of life. But going back to the analogy drawn earlier, what if the question that appears in the exam is out of syllabus. Then what would have been our response to it. There are multiple ways to react to such a situation. You can wait for your subject teacher to appear in your class to tell you to attempt another question in place of that. If she doesn’t appear at all, then you can protest asking the invigilator that the question needs to be changed. You can also use your mind to at least attempt the question by making use of your knowledge. Lastly, you can leave the space blank on the answer sheet hoping that you will anyway get grace marks. More than the solution to the problem, it would actually depend on the way you handle the entire situation that would lead  you to an optimal outcome.

In an exam room, you have the liberty to use your own mind to tackle a problem but an ideal environment wouldn’t allow you to have enough time to use your head. We are living in a society where we get bombarded with free advice from people around us whenever we are in a dilemma. Sometimes we try to replicate an action that might have been successful for someone else without understanding the exact scenario in which that particular scheme of things might have worked. We tend to forget a basic thing that the already tested actions tried by others might be options for me in the multiple choice question that life has posed for me. But it is not necessary that my solution will have to exist within the range defined by these limited options. Life would have been a lot simpler if there would have been a proper algorithm designed for things to work in a particular way. But things are not meant to work in any particular manner. Possibly things are always meant to be dynamic in nature.

We are living in an era where perfect solution cease to exist. Rather we should strive to search for an optimal solution that solves a purpose for the greater good. And this can only be achieved if we can build our own attitude to act in this manner. Problems in life will always be aplenty and the solution to it would also be somewhere around. But apart from the knowledge and skill to come to a conclusion, the attitude to deal with the problem becomes the deciding factor regarding someone’s ability reach the final destination. As I am writing this blog post, I myself believe that there are numerous problems that I am already surrounded with. I just hope God gives me the power to not bog down in front of various life issues and hopefully my search for solutions would be an eventful but still successful journey.

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