‘ZERO’ Expectations


Disclaimer: This is not a movie review.

21 December 2018. Like most of his fans all over the world, I also was waiting for this date since the time the first teaser was released. There were several reasons for me stay curious and excited all this while. Number one, him playing a dwarf. Number Two, he is collaborating with a director whose last three films had a 100% success record. Number 3, him starring with two most gorgeous ladies of Bollywood (Okay!! The last one was not that important for me). This was being touted as the most anticipated movie of the year and also being considered as the come back movie for the actor as he was going to offer some thing new for his fans and possibly making an effort to come out of his comfort zone (after  attempts on Ra.One, Fan & Raees). When the trailer of the film was released on his birthday, like every other fan of his, I watched it multiple times and and how can I miss out on watching the reactions to the trailer (which is a new profession on YouTube nowadays). I was humming to the aesthetically shot song ‘Mere Naam Tu‘ all day long. The countdown for the release date of the movie was giving butterflies in my stomach.

Cut to today’s morning, the D-day when the world was going to witness the magnificent spectacle on screen. And guess what was the first thing I did in the morning when I woke up. I picked up my phone and started checking out the reviews of the movie (another new profession in the field of writing). In earlier times, there was an altogether different level of craze for movie watchers. Only the songs and trailer was sufficient for them to stand in queue of a ticket counter to book a ticket for a movie outside a theater hall. In the age of social media, people (barring the hard core fans) tend to scroll through multiple sites to check the ratings of the movie before investing their money and precious time in watching a movie. Now you may wonder why would a person like me who was so impatient for the release date would want to depend on the reviews on various online publishing sites to decide whether to watch the film or not. Let me make a confession here that I am not the ‘First Day First Show’ kind of person thanks to being part to the community of working population who get the opportunity to live life only after 9 pm on extended Weekdays and the whole of Sunday (though half of it is spent on bed under the blanket getting rid of the tiredness of the entire week). The reason behind me waiting so eagerly for the movie and going through the reviews first because the fate of the superstar was getting decided. Whether this time he managed to make the expected come back or it has proven to be another event with great expectations but ‘ZERO’ outcome.

I remember the time when another most anticipated super hero movie of the actor was released on the Diwali of 2011. The actor went all over the place to make his vision reach out to the screen creating a cinematic experience with thunderous special effects. His emotion, energy, dedication and even desperation was clearly visible every time he came to a reality show on TV to promote his film. Again there were great expectations but it proved out to be another cracker that fizzled at the box office on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Even that time I was following every news and review of the movie to know how the movie was faring and honestly I was saddened by the fact that all the effort the actor has put in over the previous two years creating the superhero spectacle has gone in vain. The actor though made fun of his movie at various award functions showing his caliber of embracing his own failures. Since then I have been waiting for him to make a come back.

It has been 7 years and the wait was on. Whenever there was a news update about him signing a movie with a new age director (other than the masala movie makers), it made me feel excited as possible this would give him the opportunity to make the comeback he truly deserves. While I was going into this analysis, I wondered why does the success or failure of that person affects me so much. Why do I feel so restless near his movie release date as if my own movie is about to release? Why does I devote my time in the midst of my hectic routine to simply know the outcome of all his movie releases? Why does someone’s rant on his performances bothers me such a level?

In one of his another ambitious project released few years ago, there was a dialogue that I find really apt for this behavior of mine, “Connection bhi na kamaal ki cheez hai..bus ho gaya to ho gaya…mat poocho kaise.” Being a 90’s kid, I have grown up watching his movies. I remember that his was the first movie I watched in a hall with my family. His charm and personality has been radiating around me for so many years. Once there was a guy who told me that when you follow or admire a person to such level that you like being called his FAN, you actually start adopting some aspects of that personality. I somewhere began to realize that this is actually a universal phenomena where you start relating somebody’s success with your own, somebody’s attitude with your own and above all somebody’s downfall with your own.

The movie that has released today is getting mixed responses. Again I feel saddened by the fact that all the time, emotion and energy by the actor in making this cinematic experience won’t give him the applause he truly deserves. Possibly this movie again won’t be termed as his mega comeback and he (and me also) might have to wait for a year or two for that to happen in reality. But then the way the actor manages to get pass through his failures and try for something new again, I believe that spirit is sufficient for a person like me to stay his admirer for time to come. Despite of the negative word of mouth, I would be watching the movie soon in theater. Do let me know if anyone wants to join in.

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