Life is a blend of different emotions with an interesting mix of happiness, sorrow, anger, fear, joy, disgust, positivity, amusement and so on. The list is never going to end. And each emotion gets displayed with a different kind of experience we face in our life. Some of those experiences come and leave like a breeze giving us a little window for realization. Then there are some instances where these eventually turn out to be life changing events for us leaving their mark for a lifetime. There are a hell lot of things happening around us and each and every moment we live in is changing our life in one way or the other.

We have our own methods to perceive our life and the incidents that happen during the tenure of our life time. Our experiences in life could either be good or bad with the outcomes of both success and failure. There is a continuous change happening around us. But have we ever taken out a moment of thought to realize the transition that is taking place within us. It’s all happening but the realization is only thing that we are missing out on.

Blogging Forever” is a collection of all those small memories and moments that I have experienced so far collated at one place to present it to the entire world. But let me make this confession first that I am not a writer. I am not a techno geek who can write on the latest technologies available in the market. I am not film critic who can write reviews of the recently released movies. Neither I am a sports enthusiast who can comment on the games being played all over the word nor I am an economist who can have his say on the policies of the central bank and the government. I am just an observer and I write only about the things that I observe around me. I write about the people, their behavior, their aspirations and the struggles they face in their daily life. I write so that I can go deep inside my thoughts and come out with something valuable to share with the rest of the world.

In short, I am just like every normal individual on this planet would be. But through these blogs, I feel like there is always something special in every ordinary individual.

–  Sahib Sahni