‘ZERO’ Expectations


Disclaimer: This is not a movie review.

21 December 2018. Like most of his fans all over the world, I also was waiting for this date since the time the first teaser was released. There were several reasons for me stay curious and excited all this while.  Continue reading “‘ZERO’ Expectations”

A World of Extroverts

alone-in-a-crowd.jpgFew Months ago, in order to escape from my daily work routine, I decided to take a break and go for a mini vacation. The thought of it appeared to be really exciting initially but I was not aware there will be a lot hurdles to cross to make this thought transform from ideation stage to execution. The challenge was not to decide where to go but with whom I should plan the trip along. Continue reading “A World of Extroverts”

My Search to a Solution


It was placed right there in front of me all this time but I never cared to give a piece of my mind towards it because I was living under my own assumptions that this particular solution won’t solve any purpose in the problem I am dealing with.

Life is nothing less than a complex trigonometric equation. The right hand side might just be a single digit number but to achieve that you have to go through some deadly combinations of sine, cosine, tangent and others (Possibly Maths lovers would be better able to understand this reference). Since childhood, life throws numerous problems to us from time to time. Few we are able to solve instantaneously while several problems take their own time to be resolved. Continue reading “My Search to a Solution”

The Fear of Judgment

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Wait !! What….?? Are you judging me ??

How many times have you said this line to someone who was trying to reveal something negative about you or was giving a verdict for any of your behavior? I am sure such a situation must have come up quite a number of times for all and this would have been the most standard response for everyone. And without doubting the authenticity regarding why the other person went on with making such a statement about us, we immediately try to defend ourselves questioning the intelligence of that person. Continue reading “The Fear of Judgment”



Yes !! You read that right in the heading. I am disappointed. In fact if I really need to express the severity of my current situation then I am extremely disappointed. And I don’t want to put the blame for it on anyone else. Possibly because I don’t feel the need to do so. I am sufficient for myself to make me feel bad. Now before you begin to judge that this post is about some negative bastard who is on the verge of going into depression and you rather prefer switching back to your favorite social media sites (which is not less negative anyway); just hold on for a while. Because I really need to make this confession to all of you and want to say it again and again. I am very disappointed with myself today. Continue reading “Disappointed….!!”

A Baby’s Confidence

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It is being popularly said that even if you are able to acquire every single element in the world during the course of your life, still the human tendency is such that your desire to achieve more would never be able to settle down. There are so many things in life that we want to be a part of and a lot of things that we want to achieve but unfortunately never able to do so all this while. There can be several reasons that can be attributed to identify the cause of this failure such as lack of preparation, not having the required skill set, financial issues or what some may call in popular language as ‘the luck factor’. Continue reading “A Baby’s Confidence”

Me & My Responsibilities

A few months ago, my nephew and niece got promoted to the next class after somehow managing to get through their final term exams. The joy of leveling up to a higher class was clearly visible on their faces but that glow multiplied even further when their new set of books of the next class came home. The fragrance and shine of the new books was making them so fascinated and delighted that even I could relate to their emotions when I was at school. That is probably the only time phase in the year when a student is glancing at his books with so much enthusiasm and excitement. Continue reading “Me & My Responsibilities”

It’s always been the ‘Numbers Game’

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It’s currently that month of the year when people belonging to a certain age group starts to feel the heat apart from the heat of summer. Their finger nails get shortened because of continuous biting out of nervousness, their legs shake continuously without any manipulation and their heart continues to do its job but at an extremely faster pace. At that age for any person, this particular moment feels like it could act as a major building block in order to achieve success in life. It’s nothing else but the time when the board results are announced. Continue reading “It’s always been the ‘Numbers Game’”

The Villain

1528281In every story, there is a Hero, there is a girl whom the Hero loves, there is a sidekick who provides his support to the Hero and then there is a Villain who creates multiple hurdles for the Hero to cross before having a final showdown with him. Still it is believed that the stronger the villain is in the story, more intense the fight becomes between him & the Hero thereby framing a cult story to be recalled for ages to come. This may sound like an old cliche Bollywood film which according to us may not have any relation to the real world. Though unknowingly, our life does manages to steal some elements from movies and incorporate those in reality.  Continue reading “The Villain”

The Unsuitable Candidate

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It was supposed to be a regular day of the week but it wasn’t a regular week of the month as time was marching towards the month end. I was expected to make sure that the targets within the territory allocated to me were achieved but not to go beyond as it would have led to even higher targets set by the senior management for the next month on the basis of assumption that there is a boom in the market. A lot of motivational books quote that in order to achieve success in life, one must define goals for himself and set a clear target in order to achieve within a stipulated time. Continue reading “The Unsuitable Candidate”