The Unsuitable Candidate

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It was supposed to be a regular day of the week but it wasn’t a regular week of the month as time was marching towards the month end. I was expected to make sure that the targets within the territory allocated to me were achieved but not to go beyond as it would have led to even higher targets set by the senior management for the next month on the basis of assumption that there is a boom in the market. A lot of motivational books quote that in order to achieve success in life, one must define goals for himself and set a clear target in order to achieve within a stipulated time. Continue reading “The Unsuitable Candidate”

The Transition

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It almost seems like yesterday when I got the news of getting my first job while appearing for placement process in college. It was the 11th company that I was applying for after getting rejected from straight 10 companies. In some processes, I got stuck in the first round itself in the written test. In some after clearing the written test, I didn’t had any clue about the topic that was given in the Group discussion. And in some, I was not considered to be the most suitable candidate among the entire short listed students after the final interview round. That phase in college actually tests your character regarding how much patience you can show when all your friends are getting placed and you are still struggling to find a job for yourself. Continue reading “The Transition”

Are you running on the right track?


Our life is so very much related to the movies we watch in theaters (or by downloading through torrents). In the beginning of the Hindi Film ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’, Madhuri Dixit tells Shahrukh Khan that there is someone somewhere made for each one of us to spend the rest of our life with. God has already decided who is going to be our life partner but the responsibility of finding our soulmate is left to us. Sounds ridiculous but yes these were the movies we have grown up watching. There was a time when I used to believe that the same theory holds true for which profession we are going to enter. We all are born with certain skills and abilities which god has provided us. But the responsibility lies with us to find out where actually our interest lies and do we want to make our earning through that career option.

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