Another day at office!


Disclaimer: The characters mentioned in the blog may appear to be fictitious, but they do bear resemblance to every other office going individual. So if while going through the blog you realize that there are few incidents that matches to your daily routine habits at your workplace, then trust me those incidents are not coincidental.

BEEP!! BEEP!! (Sound of punching in at the office gate)
Truly man it was like a photo finish today. Had there been a delay of few seconds more in the in-punch time, I would have lost out on my half day salary. A working professional can sacrifice on anything but will not allow to face any brunt on his salary. Anyways I feel there is a need to change my morning schedule. Or I should say the night schedule (Need to stop watching English TV series late night). But I can’t understand why it is important for the employees to reach office early Continue reading “Another day at office!”