The Belittled Achievement

Finally the Olympics event for the year ended on a high for India with a 23 year old Neeraj Chopra clinching the Gold medal in Javellin throw. This also ended the drought of a Gold Medal for India since 2008 when Abhinav Bindra won managed to win the same for shooting. It was a wonderful sight to see a young man from India rising above all in an event which probably many of the common people of the country might not be aware of. This is despite of the fact that Javellin or Bhaala is a weapon that has been used since the time of Mughals in ancient India.

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Yes !! You read that right in the heading. I am disappointed. In fact if I really need to express the severity of my current situation then I am extremely disappointed. And I don’t want to put the blame for it on anyone else. Possibly because I don’t feel the need to do so. I am sufficient for myself to make me feel bad. Now before you begin to judge that this post is about some negative bastard who is on the verge of going into depression and you rather prefer switching back to your favorite social media sites (which is not less negative anyway); just hold on for a while. Because I really need to make this confession to all of you and want to say it again and again. I am very disappointed with myself today. Continue reading “Disappointed….!!”

A Baby’s Confidence

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It is being popularly said that even if you are able to acquire every single element in the world during the course of your life, still the human tendency is such that your desire to achieve more would never be able to settle down. There are so many things in life that we want to be a part of and a lot of things that we want to achieve but unfortunately never able to do so all this while. There can be several reasons that can be attributed to identify the cause of this failure such as lack of preparation, not having the required skill set, financial issues or what some may call in popular language as ‘the luck factor’. Continue reading “A Baby’s Confidence”

Me & My Responsibilities

A few months ago, my nephew and niece got promoted to the next class after somehow managing to get through their final term exams. The joy of leveling up to a higher class was clearly visible on their faces but that glow multiplied even further when their new set of books of the next class came home. The fragrance and shine of the new books was making them so fascinated and delighted that even I could relate to their emotions when I was at school. That is probably the only time phase in the year when a student is glancing at his books with so much enthusiasm and excitement. Continue reading “Me & My Responsibilities”

It’s always been the ‘Numbers Game’

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It’s currently that month of the year when people belonging to a certain age group starts to feel the heat apart from the heat of summer. Their finger nails get shortened because of continuous biting out of nervousness, their legs shake continuously without any manipulation and their heart continues to do its job but at an extremely faster pace. At that age for any person, this particular moment feels like it could act as a major building block in order to achieve success in life. It’s nothing else but the time when the board results are announced. Continue reading “It’s always been the ‘Numbers Game’”

A Distressed Soul

Hey Guys, Wassup!! Hope you all are doing great. Its been quite a while since I have spoken to anyone so today felt like sharing with you all my hidden emotions. Actually the fact is that I don’t like interacting too much with anyone not because I possess any ego issues. Honestly speaking I have always considered it a herculean task to share out my feelings in the open. I do have a lot of aspirations and beliefs but all of these always stay restricted to myself. But I am definitely not among those who consider themselves among the isolated & left out ones in this ruthless or complex universe. Continue reading “A Distressed Soul”

The Last Few Minutes


Amongst many others, I am also a huge fan of social media. I believe that the biggest power of social media lies in the fact that it helps you keep a track of all those activities you have performed over it in the past. Thanks to the ‘Memories’ feature on Facebook, every morning Facebook itself sends you a notification about your past activity happened on  that particular day that would undoubtedly be so embarrassing for you making you ask this question to yourself what were you actually smoking while sharing that idiotic stuff. Continue reading “The Last Few Minutes”

Being Mediocre


We all have grown up listening to the assertion by our seniors that we are living in an imperfect world along with imperfect people dealing with imperfect circumstances striving to achieve perfection for a better tomorrow. The strange thing that I find here is that we are aiming to make this planet a better place to live for our future generation but considering the cut throat competition in every field or domain in the current scenario, it can be easily predicted that situations would get even tougher for a person to survive along with his collaborators. Continue reading “Being Mediocre”

The Morning Dream

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One morning I was walking along the road all alone talking to myself with a million thoughts hovering over my mind. The streets were silent with not a single person around and the color all over was changing from dark to yellow because of the sunrise. There was a strange silence all around and all I could hear was the continuous thumping of my feet on the road while walking, the sound of my own breath & heartbeat and the murmuring I was doing at irregular intervals to myself. There was a light breeze around me but none of these atmospheric elements were successful in distracting me from the arguments I was having with myself in my mind. And there was this one single question that I kept on asking myself continuously which I believe could be the signature question of every young individual in this world. That question was “Why am I here?

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The Farewell


Finally the day has arrived for which I was waiting for a long time to happen. There could be a million of times when I might have prayed to god to bring this day soon in my life to relieve me from all the stresses and tensions I have faced all this time. It is the day of the wedding of my younger sister and right now I feel like I am the happiest person in the world.

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