Demystifying the ‘B-Day’


Time is really a strange thing because the more you try to decode it, the more you fell into the trap laid down by it. It’s most unique quality is that it doesn’t stop for anyone and moves at its own pre-decided pace. In your good times, you want it to go slow but soon you realize it’s already over in a whisker. In tough times, you want it to rush quickly but it will move at the speed of a snail & make you feel like a mountain is continuously falling over your head every moment. Continue reading “Demystifying the ‘B-Day’”

A Lost Friend


When I was a kid, I had a friend who lived in my neighborhood. At that age, the only definition of being friend with someone was that you both be around the same age and you get to play with each other toys. Our mothers were also good friends which made us spend more time with each other. Whenever our mothers went for shopping, they used to leave us in either of their house where we both used to have the best of our time. Continue reading “A Lost Friend”