The Belittled Achievement

Finally the Olympics event for the year ended on a high for India with a 23 year old Neeraj Chopra clinching the Gold medal in Javellin throw. This also ended the drought of a Gold Medal for India since 2008 when Abhinav Bindra won managed to win the same for shooting. It was a wonderful sight to see a young man from India rising above all in an event which probably many of the common people of the country might not be aware of. This is despite of the fact that Javellin or Bhaala is a weapon that has been used since the time of Mughals in ancient India.

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A World of Extroverts

alone-in-a-crowd.jpgFew Months ago, in order to escape from my daily work routine, I decided to take a break and go for a mini vacation. The thought of it appeared to be really exciting initially but I was not aware there will be a lot hurdles to cross to make this thought transform from ideation stage to execution. The challenge was not to decide where to go but with whom I should plan the trip along. Continue reading “A World of Extroverts”

The Fear of Judgment

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Wait !! What….?? Are you judging me ??

How many times have you said this line to someone who was trying to reveal something negative about you or was giving a verdict for any of your behavior? I am sure such a situation must have come up quite a number of times for all and this would have been the most standard response for everyone. And without doubting the authenticity regarding why the other person went on with making such a statement about us, we immediately try to defend ourselves questioning the intelligence of that person. Continue reading “The Fear of Judgment”

The Villain

1528281In every story, there is a Hero, there is a girl whom the Hero loves, there is a sidekick who provides his support to the Hero and then there is a Villain who creates multiple hurdles for the Hero to cross before having a final showdown with him. Still it is believed that the stronger the villain is in the story, more intense the fight becomes between him & the Hero thereby framing a cult story to be recalled for ages to come. This may sound like an old cliche Bollywood film which according to us may not have any relation to the real world. Though unknowingly, our life does manages to steal some elements from movies and incorporate those in reality.  Continue reading “The Villain”

An Incomplete Resolution


English is really a strange language. Since childhood I have been trying to learn this language but have never been able to master it. The biggest problem of this language that I consider is its never ending vocabulary. It seems that every year the Britishers and Americans are adding certain new words in the Dictionary to make this language tougher and even more confusing. Continue reading “An Incomplete Resolution”

The Virtual Side


Whenever an individual enter this world as a new born baby, he is pampered and provided with all the basic facilities by his parents in order to survive on this planet. Everything appears to be pleasant and life appears to be easy.  But then comes a time when the individual after a certain age is supposed to face the harsh realities of the real world. A time when the individual is burdened with his own aspirations and the expectations of the society in order to make his own mark. A time when the individual identifies that rather than earning your place its more important in the real world to snatch your place from others. A time when the individual realize that life is much more than the three basic needs: food, clothing & shelter. No one gets what he wants in life easily and there will always be challenges thrown up to him. There will always be some moments of success and few moments of failure. Seriously man, Life is Tough! Continue reading “The Virtual Side”