The Belittled Achievement

Finally the Olympics event for the year ended on a high for India with a 23 year old Neeraj Chopra clinching the Gold medal in Javellin throw. This also ended the drought of a Gold Medal for India since 2008 when Abhinav Bindra won managed to win the same for shooting. It was a wonderful sight to see a young man from India rising above all in an event which probably many of the common people of the country might not be aware of. This is despite of the fact that Javellin or Bhaala is a weapon that has been used since the time of Mughals in ancient India.

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A World of Extroverts

alone-in-a-crowd.jpgFew Months ago, in order to escape from my daily work routine, I decided to take a break and go for a mini vacation. The thought of it appeared to be really exciting initially but I was not aware there will be a lot hurdles to cross to make this thought transform from ideation stage to execution. The challenge was not to decide where to go but with whom I should plan the trip along. Continue reading “A World of Extroverts”

An Unintended Sin

The trend for Motivational talks have gone up to an extent that it has almost become a regular feed for humans in today’s competitive world where an individual is so very exposed to a range of uninvited elements including depression, inferiority and the feeling of being insecure. I am not sure how much impact does these talks make on a person’s mind but certainly to some extent it does allow a person to deviate his vision away from negativity in order to converge his ideas towards positive thoughts. One of the very common thought that I have observed during such talks is that a person should never feel hesitant when it comes to making mistakes; after all a¬†true winner is the one who learns from his past mistakes and convert them into opportunities for future. Continue reading “An Unintended Sin”

Queuing Up

Image result for bank queue demonetisation

Once I read a quote in a book that “The best possible way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket.” But a few days back I identified a better alternative to that which was to keep your money in bank rather than putting it in pocket, hiding below your mattress or saving it at your homes in lockers because you never know when your hard earned money may just turn out to be a simple piece of paper with no value at all. If somebody would have told you this a month ago, you would have considered it to be unimaginable but on November 8, 2016, the Indian government made a historic decision of demonetizing currency notes of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 and bringing in new currency notes of Rs 500 & Rs 2000 in order to the curb the menace of black money in the Indian system. Continue reading “Queuing Up”

To ‘debate’ or not to ‘debate’


I first came across the term ‘debate’ in 5th standard when there was an inter-house debate competition organized in school. The only idea I had about it was that there would be random students coming on stage and would be speaking on a topic and then there will be another set of students who would be opposing on the topic. I used to get so awed by the confidence level of the seniors with which they used to speak on stage in fluent English during these competitions that I never bothered to listen and understand what they were actually speaking upon. However, later I realized that I have come across a lot of debates even before the competition took place in school. Continue reading “To ‘debate’ or not to ‘debate’”

A Battle that was not Lost

battle field

Most of the time of our childhood is spent on remembering (or rote memorizing) the dates of different battles that were fought in the Indian history. Our history books was filled with the battles fought in the medieval times, namely Battle of Panipat, Battle of Chanderi, Battle of Plassey and so on which took place for one reason or the other. If that was not enough, the Hindi literature books had some random chapters of historic personalities such as Ashoka, Akbar & Arjuna or some historic events such as Mahabharta & Ramayana which again covered the battles that happened during that era. Continue reading “A Battle that was not Lost”