‘How are you?!’

No matter how much you try to differentiate yourself from the rest of the world, it will remain a fact that your behavior, personality and attitude is something that will be a replica to the seventh person you meet down the street, if not second or third one. Despite of so strong similarities, our conversations with people around us stay limited to the things we like. Whenever we meet someone, we generally ask them ‘How are you?’. Now this thought is bugging my head, how much of it do we actually mean when we ask someone ‘How are you’. Are we really interested in knowing how the other person actually is. How the other person is doing? How the other person is feeling?

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My Search to a Solution


It was placed right there in front of me all this time but I never cared to give a piece of my mind towards it because I was living under my own assumptions that this particular solution won’t solve any purpose in the problem I am dealing with.

Life is nothing less than a complex trigonometric equation. The right hand side might just be a single digit number but to achieve that you have to go through some deadly combinations of sine, cosine, tangent and others (Possibly Maths lovers would be better able to understand this reference). Since childhood, life throws numerous problems to us from time to time. Few we are able to solve instantaneously while several problems take their own time to be resolved. Continue reading “My Search to a Solution”